Peggy on luring newbies to the trail:

The indulgences afforded by mules.  2003, Duck Lake, 8 Women, 3 Dogs, 1 Almost-Wedding.

… I thought about Beman’s ‘newbie’ introduction ideas a bit more…decided I disagree ENTIRELY with the ‘ruff start’ intro….impossible to ‘hook’ some folks if you actually make them CARRY the pack the first time!  The pain will overwhelm the gain unless they are a little weird.

*cocktails/appetizers RULE!

YOU must also take them to an eye-popping high basin FIRST time; make sure the F-in bugs have gone to bed for the year (or aren’t awake yet)..mule-carry ENTRY, then help them load up & walk downhill (3-4 miles?) to EXIT.

Bonus: one way WHINE as well..due to lovely (clueless) day hike IN.

LOVE Ann’s idea about the ‘mentoring’ though, that is huge. *an experienced buddy who brings the 2man tent, the stove/fuel. This ‘mentor’ can help newbie pack/weigh ALL of it @ home ahead…let them try it on & walk around the living room…then DON’T let them see the SOB until they are ready to exit paradise!

Couldn’t resist sharing those ‘TRICKS’ (literally).

[Editor's note: I have been a "victim" these tricks.]